dj / live

Vand’s sets are explorations into storytelling hypnotica where otherworldly frequencies collide. With a sound that defies categorisation, his output is a sonic exploration from ambient soundscapes to dancefloor material, as he captivates the listener and leads them into uncharted territories.

His live performances are a great example of that, highlighted by notable appearances at events like the Mostra Festival and his own Ratio series in Utrecht. Accompanied by numerous experimental live improv sessions in various formats over the last couple of years.

In an endless quest to uncover new perspectives and push the limits on how to create and present his music, he has taken on the challenge of developing ISOTOOP as a record label while continuing to transmit their sonic identity as a collective.

Vand’s music has been released on labels such as Something Happening Somewhere, Alpenglühen, Konstrukt and Harmony Rec, with each release adding to the intrigue that surrounds him. With each release or performance, Vand reveals another facet of his enigmatic persona.